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3 - Model Commercial Affidavit B. 4 - Model Criminal Complaint B. 5 - The Coloring Agreement B. 6 - Phil Marsh s Lien on the U.S. Government B. 7 - Nelson Starr s Lien on Judges and IRS Agents Appendix B. 1 - Example of Notice and Demand This Notice is an example not a form. This shows what one person in Georgia did. Also quite a bit of exotic evidence is introduced in this Notice. No part of these materials may be reproduced in any form - except for personal use - without permission from the...
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All right I just want to talk for I justdo a real short video today aboutsomething I think everyone as a UScitizen on the US citizenship you have aUS citizen should know about somethingcalled a commercial lien what is it howdoes it work how can I use it and it'sit's very very very very very powerfulit's not really that hard to do butlet's for existence everything is isworks through an administrative processand as we know that the like forinstance the the Internal RevenueService isn't really licensed to dobusiness in any state of the Union sohow do they how do they get around thatthey get around that through somethingcalled adhesion contracts andadministrative process and we all havethe ability to use an administrativeprocess and hafidh aides of affidavitsof truth and unrebutted affidavit truthis the law it absolutely is supreme it'sthe truth an under unrebutted affidavitwrite that down is the truth so how doesthe administrative process work soyou've all probably gotten letters fromcompanies and saying here's uh you knowblah blah blah you owe us you know fivehundred dollars for this this and thisyou have 30 days to to pay and you getthat in the mailscrew this throw it in the trash orwhatever or just leave it laying thereyou know do anything with it so silenceis acquiescence when the anybody sendyou any kind of a notice and notice is areal thing they're noticing you they'renoticing your corporation and if youdon't do anything with it it's just likeif I say I'm gonna punch you in the noseand you just stand there and don't doanything I'm figuring well it must beokay with you because you're not sayingnoso a couple of things that I like to dois always when you get a letter in themail and offer to contract be happyabout it go all right I'm gonna try someof the things that I've been learningand try and learn how thisadministrative process works and learnhow the the debt collectors PracticesAct and the your right of rescission andthe all the rescission laws and how oldthis stuff worksso anyway someone's gonna send youletter they're gonna give you three daysto respond if you don't respond thenthey send a follow-up letter saying okaythis is our final notice blah blah blahand if they take that after all theafter all they've done that and saidlook I mean we sent this guy all thisstuff and they take it into the courtand go here's my process and he neverresponded and can I get a judgmentplease and oh yeahso they'll show judgment for you andpeople nine times out of ten and anykind of a you know a child support casewhere they don't pay child support we'reyou're not going to jail because you'renot paying the child support youactually showed up in court and thejudge said okay I'm gonna need you topay a certain amount every month can...